Beijing publpersonalised tyvek wristbandsishes street management policies

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The building complex of the Party committee of Beijing in Tongzhou, a sub-center of the capital city. [Photo/VCG]

The Beijing municipal government published a guide on street management on Tuesday, which has given law enforcement power to street-level authorities to improve community development.

On Feb 18 the capital government held a meeting focusing on street management, the first of its kind in 23 years. It has shown the importance of public services and city environment management among the priorities of the city government.

The guide has confirmed street-level authorities will be given law enforcement power, which is the first on the matter.

Teng Anying, an official in the municipal government, said previously street governments have multiple tasks and cannot enforce the law, which brought difficulties to their daily work.

The guide also said the government will give more welfare services to employees at street level to reward their contribution.

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