Bird"s Nest visitors exceed 30 million show magic bands workince opening

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BEIJING — Beijing"s iconic Bird"s Nest stadium has received more than 30 million visitors since it opened to the public in October 2008.

So far, the stadium has welcomed more than 30 million visitors from across the world and held nearly 300 events, with an annual operating income of over 200 million yuan ($30 million), said Xiang Jun, General Manager of National Stadium Co., Ltd. on Thursday at the Coliseum Summit in Beijing.

After serving as one of the most important venues of the 2008 Olympic Games, the Bird"s Nest has realized sustainable development through large-scale events, tourism and business development, said Xiang.

The stadium is now making preparations for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, he added.

The summit is hosted by China Sports Venue Association and MJR Group Ltd. It aims to promote exchanges among international venues and discuss the latest trends in venue operation and development.